The Board

The board is the section’s preparatory, planning, executive, and managing body and functions as a link between teachers and students.

We work to make student life as good as possible for the students. We do this, among other things, through education monitoring, work environment monitoring, and organizing relevant programme activities. As the executive body, it is our job to manage the committees and their activities, and we are always available to help our committees when they encounter problems and challenges. Since the board is there for you, you, as a student, can come to us with ideas, opinions, and other things that affect the program.

The board has open meetings every Monday starting at 5:15 p.m. We usually have our meetings in Kopparhammaren’s premises on the Norrköping campus. For more information about what we are talking about or if you want to participate in the meeting, you can contact us.

To contact the board, send a message to:

To see agendas, meeting minutes and governing documents for the section, see the following link (only available to students at LiU): Governing documents