UB and AMO

Two rolls within the board that might be particularly important to know about is AMO (Arbetsmiljöombud / Work Environment Representative) and UB (Utbildningsbevakare / Education Supervisor). Their job is to ensure that the students within MvSek feel secure in their studies, both in terms of the education itself and the surrounding work environment.

Saga, Education Supervisor (UB)
Did you receive an incorrect assessment from a teacher? Do you feel that a course element should be reviewed and improved? Do you have other ideas about the education itself, or for specific courses and exam elements? As education supervisors, I have contact with both representatives from the student union (StuFF), other education supervisors and the teachers within the program. This means that I have the opportunity to present the students’ opinions in many different forums in order to meet the wishes and requests that students have regarding their education.

Contact me on ub@mvsek.se

Lexa, Work environment representative (AMO)
Do the computers in the computer room crash every time you want to work within a specific program? Are there difficulties in connecting to the internet in certain premises? Do you experience stress due to unclear demands on you as a student? As a work environment representative, I work with both the physical and psychosocial environment. My work is therefore both about how the premises, the studies and everything around affect your physical and mental health. Just as UB, we are in contact with various agencies to help make your study time the best possible. As an AMO, I have a duty of confidentiality!

Contact me on amo@mvsek.se